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Just purchased a 2019 Rubicon fm6 with IRS. I've been looking around on how to waterproof it as I plan on taking it through some deep water/mud.

Im going to put a snorkel on it, and run all the vent lines (gas, electric fan, water pump overflow, front and rear diff, and crank case breather) up into the headlight or with the snorkel.

Also going to remove the resonator box? That is under the right rear fender and seal it up good.

I'm going to get some dielectric grease for all the electrical connections and thoroughly go through bike to make sure I've done everything right.

My main question I guess is I know there is a drain in the airbox at the bottom, should I plug that? Some videos I watched people left it unplugged, for good reason, so it could drain. But wouldn't it also suck up water if it stayed under water?

Let me know what you've done to waterproof your bike and any other suggestions.

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Why would you remove the resinator box?
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