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New here, restoring a 1986 250 TRX (utility) for a friend.

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Hey everyone. Got reffered to this site from a moderater on the TRX forums. restoring a 1986 TRX 2x4 Utility Quad for a buddie of mine. It was his dads has sentimental value. Its in bad shape so im starting from the ground up. Drained and flushed the rearend yesterday omg..... lots of water and stank nasty gearoil/dirt brown came out. drained it pumped it. filled it drianed it pumped it. filled it. gonna do it agian after i get it to ridable condition and can run it abit. anyone know any good part sites or places i can get stuff for this quad. Im gonna need alot...... Thanks all :icon_ poke:
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Hello and welcome to the family. has some good prices.
Welcome to the forums. Sometimes you can find parts on Ebay for those.
Hello and welcome to the family. has some good prices.
I agree ^^^^. I've ordered stuff from bike bandit and never had any problems. Welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums.
Thanks all for the welcomes. Got some updates for ya'll. When I first got this quad it was in bad shape. (pics comming soon) so far with little money invested (30 bucks) Ive cleaned and flushed the rear diff. tore down and cleaned the carb compleatly. put it up on stands started it. changed the oil. the plug. have to use a funnel for a gas tank lol the tank is full of varnish it sat so long. got it to go through all its gear easily and reverse. on stands of course. no brakes. now im working on the back brakes. pain the the a$$. took the outter cover off after the tire and hub and a huge pule of dirt and crap fell out. I need to get the brakes atleast semi working so I can take it for a light slow road test. no plastics. No seat. funnel gas tank lol... fun times. but IT'S ALIVE!!!!! and what part of the forum should I start posting updates and what not in. I know even thisone shouldent be here but i wanted everyone to see since im not "known yet". Thanks eveyone.
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I would just post in the "Repair and Maintenance" section.
Welcome to the forums! Good luck with the project.
Well I see you made it!
Welcome to the Family!
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