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Hey everyone, just picked up a project bike, turns out it's in rougher condition than I thought... Stupid question and I feel embarrassed asking but I don't have any experience with older bikes, specifically kickstart bikes or even dirtbikes for that matter but do I need a fuel pump to kickstart the bike? I have no battery and there is no fuel pump but it seems this guy before me did some real backwards stuff on this bike and it looks like he made a makeshift work around of some sort - hard to describe. I shot fuel into the cylinder to see if it ran before I bought it because the tank was empty and it ran for about 5 seconds.

To give you an idea of this make-shift stuff, the reverse cable was cut and you pull on a piece of wire attached to the back rack now to engage reverse (I haven't done it yet because in order to start it, I have to find some screws to reattach the starter reduction gears because they were falling out).

The whole rear handbrake assembly is broken too (choke, reverse, brake) and the electric start doesn't work. No idea what condition the relay is in or anything with the fuse box, haven't got into that yet. I'm going clean the carb tonight and inspect all the fuel lines, change the oil and the diff and final drive fluid maybe too.

I guess what I'm asking is what do I have to do to get the bike running with just the kickstart? Like a checklist


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Welcome to the forums!

Congrats on getting yourself an old TRX350 tank to fix up. :)

Since you've had it running by squirting fuel into the cylinder, it sounds like you just need an OEM fuel pump (about $120 new)... and possibly a fuel-cut relay if that is bad or missing. Someone cobbled it up with a pulse pump or a cheap electric I assume?

You may have to clean the fuel tank out, the fuel lines and clean and adjust the OEM carb and the choke & throttle cables as well... I would if I were you... its mostly labor and time anyway, may as well get them fresh so the motor might run right once you get the fuel supply going.

As far as providing a checklist? It depends on what you are starting with... are the wiring harnesses complete and in good condition? Thats half the battle right there... next verify that all electrical, ignition and fuel system parts are OEM Honda. Cheap china knockoffs will have to be replaced if any are found. You'll need to find a used handlebar switches assembly for sure.

Also note while shopping for used parts that most common ignition, electrical and fuel system parts are interchangeable on all 86 & 87 TRX350 Fourtrax models, but do not interchange with the 87 and later TRX350D Foreman models. You can use Partzilla (or other OEM parts site of choice) to look up part numbers and provide interchange listings.

Beware buying used parts on the fLeebay... sellers many times list parts as fitting all 86-89 models which is nonsense.

You can get a copy of the service manual HERE if you haven't a copy yet. You'll be using that a lot!

There are a lot of old tank fans here (myself included) so please share questions and keep us updated if you can... We'd love to see photos too... Got any you can share?

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Welcome and congratulations on taking on a great project–Honda’s first 4x4 quad.
A checklist eh? Most OEM Parts no longer available from Honda but a lot of good parts on fleeBay from several sources rpm_atv is a good one. Only buy OEM and note this project may result in obsessive fleabay searching and Playpal purchases
Plan on a 1 year project
Get a fleeBay account
Copy of service manual— printed preferred
Parts link and manual link in my sig block
Inspect, remove and clean fuel tank as needed—here’s a pic—ensure it has a petcock.
Get an OEM fuel pump Assy- you can get used but the pump may not work but still need Band A,B and the rubber holder. Pic attached
Get a fuel filter—the OEM filter is odd looking thing with special rubber holder. Rubber also available as a used part.
Get the left handbrake assembly and I think that’s enough to get started.
Get pics all around for us we’ll point out other missing or cobbled bits.
Search for a “posting pictures” sticky


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