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New guy from Western New York

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Hi there. Just got our first Quads ever for my wife and I. I found her a 2004 Yamaha Warrior because she didnt want to ride dirtbikes (doesnt like twist throttles). I had so much fun freshening that up, that I needed to find one for myself. So three days ago I found a super clean 2007 400ex about a mile from my house.

The warrior was whooped, and not well taken care of. So I replaced, bushings, bearing, brake pads, tires, and repainted and cleaned the hell out of it. Turned out great.

The 400ex is also lacking some TLC, so I've already ordered bars, and some suspension parts to tighten things up for the summer. this winter, I will transform it into something awesome.

So now I have two fun projects and I plan on learning and turning these two four-wheelers into some awesome machines.

Looking forward to learning and hopefully sharing some info here! thanks, Mike


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