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Hi All,
We moved from a south suburb of Chicago to central Indiana 4 yrs ago, so I bought a new Honda TRX 420FM1 4x4 Rancher In 2016, so it’s 3 yrs old and running great. It leads a pretty easy life, the main reason I bought it is because I do a lot of long range tactical shooting out to 1000 yards, and no cars or trucks are aloud on the range the only way to get your targets out, and retrieve them is to either walk ( not with my 68 yr old knees) or use a golf cart, mule, or quad. So I bought the quad, and it’s one of the best pieces of shootin gear I ever bought:). It also comes in handy when the grandkids come out, they love to ride on it, i have 5 acres, so it also comes in handy for some chores, mainly hauling trimmed up tree branches to the burn pit. One of these days I’d like to take it to an ATV park and ride some trails with it, I’d like to see how she handles on rough terrain cuz she’s only been run on flat grassy surfaces. Anyway I really enjoy the quad, I still enjoy just taking it out on the property just to ride a little, they’re a lot of fun, and I know I’m gonna enjoy being a member of this forum, and just maybe if I’m not careful I just might learn something.

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Hi Paul, welcome to the forums.
There is a lot to learn here in past threads for sure however a lot of members have disappeared since a new forum platform has been installed. It may take some time to get answers to questions (if you have any) nowadays.
It's a shame as this forum was very much a hive of activity a few months back.
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