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New Fourtrax 300 owner

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We used to have an old '86 Yamaha 225 atv that was stolen and finally replaced it with a very clean '96 Fourtrax 300 2x4. I'm new to small engines and this kind of machine, but more familiar with Honda and Acura cars (we're a Honda family). I've heard the Fourtrax like most Hondas are bulletproof, but was wondering what maint' you would suggest on a new purchase. We're servicing air filter, oil filter, oil filter housing o-rings, oil change, spark plug, and replacing the exhaust (rust). Not sure if we should do trans fluid or anything too. Not trying to spend a lot of money, but want to do the important things right off the bat.

And another question - new to this style of clutch-less transmission. Out of habit, I lift off the gas when I shift. Is that necessary for this transmission or can you stay on the gas when you shift? Yeah, I know I probably sound like a moron, but how do I know if I don't ask.

Didn't snap a picture, was a crazy busy weekend. Will try to upload a photo later!
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Use only wet clutch oil, like Honda GN4. Don’t put the filter in backwards. Don’t overtighten the drain plug bolt!!!

some years of TRX300 say to use engine oil in the transmission, some say diff oil.

Download the service manual from the link in my signature block below.

do all the service items in the service manual. Diff oil too. Bleed brakes. Helps if you have a quad lift like a Harley service lift.

use the oem parts finder at Rocky Mountain atv and Partzilla. Only buy oem parts if you can help it!!!
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Oh yeah a TRX300A (2wd) doesn’t have a 4wd gearbox (transmission). I used BelRay 80W-140 hypoid in my differential i think spec is 80W-90 hypoid. At the time the 90 wasn’t available
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