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New clutch perch/lever

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Well I got the MSR lever on there. I like the "adjust on the fly" feature. That's pretty awesome. But what about this electrical thing that makes the clicking noise from where the stock lever used to be on there? Can I just snip those off? It's the two wires that come from the start/light thingy.
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So I can take them off? It runs and everything. Starts just fine? I was gonna snip those off. I wasn't talking about the whole wires that go straight into the red starter switch and little lightning bolt starter thing.
IDK if it does start in gear yet. Whats the male plugs?
lol. I don't know what either are.
Yea it starts in gear. But I have the whole black thing out. All wires connected. I'll take a pic. So if I snip these off, I won't be able to start it in gear?
Well that sucks. I guess I'll just have to mount the thing under the plastics or something. Why is the clicking thing there though? I don't need to click it in in order to start it in or out of gear. I don't get that.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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