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New clutch help!!

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I put a new clutch in my 400ex put it back together and took it for a ride. I was in 3rd pulled the clutch in and downshifted at about 20mph into second. Here is the problem when i down shift through all the gears it sounds like something hitting the case:icon_cussing: The shifting goes fine up and down throught the gears except for the bang! any ideas ??????
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your clutch isn't put back together right..or your clutch basket springs are loose..take the cover back off..and re-check your clutch basket...something isn't lined up right..check your shifting fork to clutch..make sure your marks line up on the shaft and case.
Is there any other suggestions i understand that its pretty hard to put a clutch together wrong but maybe ill take it back apart and see btw this is my first atv clutch lol
even though it may be hard to put a clutch together wrong..doesn't mean you did put it together wrong trust me..i do stupid crap all the time..another day doesn't faze yours is making any kind of nosie..there is a reason for it..they don't moan for nothing..well..unless it's your woman !..lmfao.
Ok men the answer is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The clutch basket assemble is worn out. I couldn't find it till i took it all apart, the aluminum basket is oblonged from excessive use lol thx for your inquires
glad you found the least you didn't keep ridding it..and cause more damage..nice find !
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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