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Looking to buy my first ATV. I will be using it primarily to plow my driveway and hunting within a few miles of my house. I've looked at the Rubicon and rancher. I had a gator and was constantly tearing up boots on it driving through corn and bean stubble. For this light use I Think the Rubicon may be over kill. Any advice on which model?
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I bought my 2016 Rancher 420 used with 25 hours/125 miles on it. Use it for snow plowing in winter (500 foot gravel driveway), and chores around the acreage in summer, so it's a year-round use machine. Selectable 4WD, straight rear axle. Pretty much a stock machine, except for the winch, plow, a small LED light bar on the front that I use while plowing, and 12V cigarette lighter-style outlet that powers a tank sprayer and water pump for irrigation duty.

It's the only ATV I've ever had. I've found way more uses for it than I first imagined. My wife knew we needed a better plowing setup and we had a family friend who needed out of bad deal and had this machine up for sale.

The 420 has had enough power for everything I've done so far. Not only the snow, but I've loaded it with 400 pounds of bagged sand on the front and rear cargo racks while also pulling an additional 1000 pounds of bagged sand in the cart.

In short, I love having this machine. For my small acreage and the way I use it, it's more convenient and flexible than a utility tractor. It doesn't take up a lot of space in the shop building when being stored.

If I went shopping for another machine for the same use, I'd stick with a straight axle and selectable 4WD. Some folks might want power steering, but I find the 420 fine without it.

Good luck.
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