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New ATV owner of a 250Ex and 400Ex

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Hello I just purchased 2-2007 250EX and 400 EX. The previous owner said they sat in the garage for a year. I tried starting them up and they dont stay on very long after I release the throttle. Never owned any before so I am new to this. What things should I do before my first ride which will be in the sand dunes? I'm assuming oil change, filter replaced(on the 400 only which I just found out) what else? Thanks in advance for the help.
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Welcome to the forums. I would drain the old gas out and put new gas in. If they don't want to idle, you will probably have to take the carbs off and clean them good. When an ATV sits for any length of time without running them, the gas in the carb bowl will evaporate and leave deposits behind that can stop up the carb.
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