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New and will need help!

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I recently picked up a 2000 Rancher 350 4x4 ES and I love it....despite the many problems that keep coming up.
It was sold to me with the understanding that everything worked great, but that's not entirely true. The biggest issue is that the guy before me had no idea what he was doing and had a staple in place of the 30amp main fuse in the box!
I'll make a separate post for that but for now I'm also planning on rebuilding the carburetor, getting the steering lubricated and investigating the oil cooler (seems to get hot quick.)
Stay tuned....
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Thanks for the tip! It came at a good time as that's exactly what I was about to do
Thanks mrbb, I was afraid that would happen. All in all I think once I get it sorted out It'll run great for me. All the major elements seem to be working well. It's just a lot of (hopefully) little things at the moment.
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