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New and need some help

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hey guys im new here but ive got a question, i have a 1987 trx250x that isnt running right, it has a popping/breaking up efect from half to full throttle.. everything has been thoroughly gone through, air filter clean and carb was cleaned twice. it seems to come down to the carb isnt jetted right. but the problem is the jet thats in there has no size on it so i have no baseline to start off and know what size jets to buy..

i was wondering if anyone can give me a rough range of what size jets to try in this carb to get it running good heres the mods: uni filter, coffmans race exhaust, hc piston, high lift cam, head ported, stock carb.. the pilot jet is a also like to rejet it with the airbox lid off for better performance. thansk in advance for anything you guys got!
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