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New A arms and rear spacers for 07 400ex

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The bushings in my a arms on my 2007 400ex are starting to go and instead of replacing them I want to invest in new aftermarket a arms to widen the front and also get some rear spacers to widen the back end. I ride a lot on the trail but also want to start going to the track this summer. What a arms should I get for the best price? Also, is it bad to have rear spacers with the stock axel?
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I recently upgraded my 99 400EX a arms to some +2 Alba standard travel, no rides on them yet but they seem to be of quality build. As for the rear if your on a budget you can grab some tusk extended hubs, they add 1.75" to each side for a total of 3.5" of width increase. I would much rather use those then just plain old wheel spacers.
I have had the alba +2 a-arms for 2 years now and have nothing but good things to say about the quality and the price. I have personally put them through a brutal beating every weekend and they havent got any dings or dents or anything. I have the ones that are gull wing and can be used for standard or long travel by removing a spacer. And i race weekend warrior style and ride some rough trails and hill climbs. They jave bounced off rocks and trees and other quads even. As for axle spacers i have never seen the need for them. My stock axle with alot of suspension work and some body english it will slide around corners just fine. Welcome to the forums!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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