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new 300ex head pipe

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I just recently had my header pipe crack in half so now im in the market for a new one. I've seen people saying the factory pipe is small, so im thinking about getting an after market pipe to put on it with my factory muffler. I don't want to spend much on the pipe, preferably not over 100$. Im finding it hard to find a good deal on anything. On ebay there are some pipes, but most come off after market systems so i don't know if they would work.
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Without some custom work you are going to find it very hard to do an aftermarket header with a stock muffler. Almost all systems will have a bigger diameter pipe so its not going to fit in the stock muffler end.

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Yeah alot of the aftermarket ones will be larger. In alot of cases. Depending on brand of course. They in some cases will seperate in different spots also and require a mid pipe between them.
Its long enough for sure. Size would be the only question. I kinda doubt hes gunna know if the size is the same. Honestly no one ever does what your doing. There will be no gain from it without the aftermarket silencer. Price is very good though so hopefully it will work.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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