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Hey all,

Just picked up a new Rubicon Deluxe and love it. Last bike I bought was a 300 Fourtrax about 25 years ago. I need help on a few things - trying to find a hitch receiver I can mount to replace the silly spot they have stock for a ball. Way too hard to get a trailer hooked up in there or make turns so I want to be able to get a receiver and then a longer bar with ball.

Also looking for a good rear seat that will fit this bike properly so I can give my daughters a ride without crushing my jewels.

Also looking for a bar end mirror so I can see what is coming up behind me.

Thanks in advance for any help with these things.

Chris from Canada

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You can buy seat back rests, there are the storage chest type and a fold flat type, a quick google search will reveal both.
There are a few receiver hitched around, I don’t know if they will fit your new Rubicon though. Have you tried HL or SATV?
I’ve not seen bar end mirrors but there are carrier mounted mirrors that simply clamp
on and can be folded down flat if necessary.
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