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Hello all.

For Christmas my wife and I got two Honda Recons from Santa - what a guy! Both are brand new. My wife has a red one and I have a green one. No HEAVY four wheeling for us as we both qualify for AARP - nuff said.

Glad to be here and I will have questions later about best places for parts etc.

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Hello and welcome to the forum
Sweet. Those Recons are great.
welcome to the site and congrats
if you want to adopt me and make it 3 new ATV"s
I'm open to that option LOL
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Welcome to the forums, Santa must have felt generous this Christmas haha
Welcome to the site from Arizona from Arizona. Be safe and have a load of fun.
Welcome and Congrats on your good "Behavior" LOL.
I'd like to get a Recon for my little one sometime soon. He's 11 going on 12.
Welcome! Be sure to share some photos!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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