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I'm a new 2006 350 Rancher owner. The bike is in excellent shape with only 500 miles on it. I'll be using it on muddy roads for duck hunting. I'm looking to add after market tires for better traction in mud. Considering Kendra Executioner. Is it better to go with 26" or 27"?

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Executioners are heavy, and a Rancher will have trouble pulling 27's.

I would suggest 26's, and you might consider a Mudbug or Zilla as they are quite a bit lighter and don't suck as much power from a machine.

I have 27" Executioners on a Foreman 500, 27" Mudbugs on another identical Foreman, and 28" Mudbugs on a third identical Foreman. The Bugs outperform the Executioners in every way except for wear. My Executioners are about 3 years old and show ZERO wear. The Bugs are newer and also don't show any wear, but the Executioners have about 5X's the miles on them than the Bugs.

If you're set on the Execs, definitely get 26's. My kid's 05 350 has 26" Vampires on it and 26" is the perfect size for that bike.

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