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Neutral light issues

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I have a 2000 Honda trx350fm 4x4, neutral light works but comes on in different spots, reverse, neutral and first gear. Sometimes flickers between making it hard to turn on to start. Wondering if or how I can test the shift assembly switch in the rear of the motor before taking it all apart. Now reverse light is eradic ? Seen it can also be the rod that comes from the shift drum! If that's broke motor needs to be tore down. Any help to diagnose before disassembling would be appreciated.
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As advised above, check the harness and connector plug condition first. Put some dielectric grease in the plug once it is clean and verify that all is good using a multimeter. The service manual shows you how to test the gear position switch using a multimeter, in the switches section.

If the wiring, connector plug and gear position switch pass the tests, its likely that the end of the shift drum has broken off. The 2000-2001 Rancher FM/TM models had shift drums which could break and were repaired by Honda for free, but only if/when they broke... there was no blanket recall program for them. That free replacement program has long since expired though, so if yours is broken you'll have to replace the drum yourself with a 2002 or newer shift drum. Ya gotta split the cases to replace that drum.

Let us know what you find.


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Well then, it either has a bad gear position switch or a broken shift drum. I'm leaning towards a broken shift drum being the most likely issue, going by your explanations.

Ya gotta remove the rear crankcase cover to replace that gear position switch. You'll be able to see if the end of the shift drum is broken (the piece will be loose and easily pulled out) once you get that cover off. May as well get crackin' on it. :)
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