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Need Some Advice

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Hello, might be buying a four wheeler.

I am going to look at a 1997 Honda foreman 400 in a day or so and I dont know alot about them. If any one can help I would like to know what sort of things to look for? Was this model knowen for any inherent problems? Etc. Thanks to all who respond. Northshore.
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if it's anything like my 89 trx350d's one heck of a bike ! long as it's not elec's good as gold !! for what to look for..first off..crank it up..does it smoke ?..does it start up easy ?..if know it's gonna need a carb over haul...does it show any sign's of any oil leaks ?..see any after you crank it up..and test ride it ?..does it have any top end nosie comming from the top ?..< this could be bad rocker's..or timming chain..or valves need to be adjusted >..not to be confused with a bad you hear any noise comming from the front and rear diff's ??..this is a sign to over haul the front and rear diff bearings..seals...and yes..they are not cheap, if you hear clanking comming from the front or rear in..kinda loud gear grinding..this is really a bad sign..your ring and pinion gears could be near are veryyyyyyy high dollar to helmut stated..all atv's are going to have normal wear an tear...what i pointed out the main things to watch out for..if any of these come into play..look else where..your looking at a money pit..if it all checks out ok..then go 4 it...just keep in mind..some things can be replaced pretty cheap..while others are going to set you back a bit..good luck.
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