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Need parts for 2001 Honda rancher 350

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Howdy guys, just got my hands on a 2001 Honda Rancher 350 4x4. Paid 100.00 but it has no top end, no muffler, no air filter box , on heat shield for gas tank other than that it's in great shape lol. Been kept in a garage so it has hardly no rust and the seat is in good shape. The racks are not bent either.
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Ok pulled the dip stick out and this is what I see. Should I just part this thing out?
its been sunk, they ruined the top end, parted it out I bet !? instead of spending the cash to fix it right. check the connecting rod at the top and bottom for any play ?, if the wrist pin hole is not tight ?, then it's a parts bike for sure unless you want to spend a good penny splitting the cases ( which you would need to do anyway if you decide to fix it ? ) to replace the crank or crank rod ?. all boils down to HOW MUCH MONEY AND TIME YOU WANT TO PUT INTO IT ???????. if your not going to fix it right ?, THEN DON'T FIX IT AT ALL !. part it out. this is solid advice coming from a 20-plus atv mechanic, balls in your court bro :).
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Yeah I'm parting it out. I'm not splitting the case lol. I can fix just about anything but I hate work on the lower end. Thanks for the advice brother.
np. don't let the lower end work scare ya !, its not as bad as you think, pretty easy once you do it, but like I said, if your not wanting to spend the cash to fix it right ?, then part it out, re-coop your 100 bucks, then make some extra :), I fix just about any Honda engine, at least I have done a '05..2 twice ! ( long ), but regardless..most Honda engines are all the same.
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