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Need info to change all types of oil in my fourtrax300 1995

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I need some information regarding oil changes for my fourtrax 300FW 1995 . I just bought it a week ago , and want to start a new life with him !!!

That mean change every drop of oil , I already know that I have a front and rear differential full of oil SAE 80W90 , but how about the transfer case just beside the left pedal near the shifter , the mecanichs says it's the same oil as the motor 10W40 , but where's the drain plug ??? I see the fill plug but not the drain plug .

Can anyone help me on this one , i'm new with the forum but it's pretty cool !!!

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Welcome to the forums. Here you go.

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Thanks for the photo and explanation , but one more interrogation , it looks like there are 2 different place to change oil in the photos ,one for the front gear case oil , where the 2 driving shaft are connected to each front wheels for the front drive , and another one just upper from the shifter , where the driving shaft go out to join the front gearcase . I'm wondering if it's 2 different parts and two different type of oil , because we use SAE80W90 for the rear diff gearcase so i supposed it's the same for the front one , and
10W40 for the transfercase for the one up from the shifter , not sure and I want to be sure before doing it

Thanks for your time and answers
After I saw it on my atv , I understand that its'the same place for both photos , it's just a front photo , and a side photo of the same piece .

But how about the front gearcase where 2 driving shaft are coming out to drive the 2 front wheels fir the 4X4 , no oil in this one ???

Thanks again
But how about the front gearcase where 2 driving shaft are coming out to drive the 2 front wheels fir the 4X4 , no oil in this one ???

This is for the front differential and rear differential, but the picture is of the front differential.

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Here is the engine oil and filter change procedures. Make sure you don't put the oil filter in backwards or it will block the oil flow and destroy your engine. Also, make sure you use oil designed for wet clutch systems or your clutch will start slipping.

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I suppose a normal 10W40 engine oil is ok like quaker state , valvoline , castrol , unless the honda suggested oil is better quality for the wet clutch like you said , they say that the specified oil is on page 2-1 , culd you post it for me please .

Because if I can buy 10W40 commercial type of oil at 5$/quart instead of 10$ for honda oil for the same results , be sure I will bought the cheaper for the same job

I won't do it if you don't suggest to do so

Thanks again and again for the answers

Precious help for my new honda
The recommended oil is Honda GN4 10W-40. At my local Honda dealer, it's about $6 per quart. If you use anything other than this, make sure it is for motorcycles or ATVs and is designed for wet clutches or the clutch will start slipping.

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