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need help

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ok my quad the monster whent back to stock every thaing exept for rev box and open air box cuz with the other stuff it was boggen and spitten we put the stock pipe on and reved it up a hole bunch of smoke came out it was not oil or gas we did it agean and so could it have been carbon build up messen up my moter pleas help
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Sure can you can try this method it works on autos take your coil wire off the plug and just rest it on top of the spark plug dont lock it down... start the engine and let it sit there and Idle you have increased the coil's arch therefore making the plug burn hotter to clear off any carbon, you can also remove the air intake hose from the carb start the engine, get a spraybottle with plain water in it and do like a half trigger shot in the carb and increase the idle so it dosen't choke off. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!! YOU CAN DAMAGE THE ENGINE!!! USE A VERY TINY AMOUNT OF WATER!!!! ENOUGH TO CHANGE THE ENGINE'S TONE.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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