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need help

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i have a 98 honda trx 300 4x4 what cdi will interchange with it and does it have to be 98 cdi box any help would be great thank you
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Welcome to the forums. I think the '98-'00 are the same, but '97 and below won't work because they changed the wiring and they have a different plug for the CDI. They also done away with the alarm unit on the '98-'00.
do u know any one that has a uesd one
No, I don't know anybody that has one. Have you tried Ebay?
alarm unit??
It's like a control unit that activates the oil temp light when the ATV gets hot and it also turns on the optional fan if your ATV has one. All models had an alarm unit until '98-up, when they did away with it. It is a box that is located near your CDI.
Here is a picture of the alarm unit.

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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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