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Need help with smoke question

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Hey guys and gals,
This is my first post so thanks for all who respond. I have a 06' 350 Rancher that is smoking pretty bad out of the exhaust. It is white smoke so I am almost certain that it is oil burning. I will tell the story as to how it happened.

As I was riding this weekend I dropped off in a mud hole that was deeper on the right side than expected. As soon as I did my rear end shot up and threw me off the side. Well my buddies was wanting to take a pic so I let it sit there for just a second with the back tires off the ground and the back left tire about 4 foot off. It didn't start smoking until after that. When we got to the truck I took the airbox cover off and a little oil was in the bottom along with the filter. So I got home and took the airbox completely off and the hose that runs out the side of it and to the moter was gunked up with milky clumps. Cleaned everything up and it smokes just as bad if not worse. Is it possible that while I let it sit there it that position for about 30 seconds, that some oil might have ran into somewhere else it shouldnt have and its just burning the oil off? Will it burn itself off or do I need to take it a mechanic.
I have also noticed a pinging noise that gets louder as the RPM's get higher.
Im thinking rings and a maybe a piston or valve or something, but I do not know.

Any comments will be appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums. Did you check your oil? It sounds like you may have gotten water in your oil.
There is no milky substance at all in oil. I was always told that if its not milky, there is no water in it. Is that always the case?
It would probably be milky if it had water in it, but I think I would change the oil anyway, just to be safe. If the 4-wheeler was turned up sideways enough, it will get some oil in the cylinder, but it should burn out after a while.
Well this is the picture of the scene I was talking about. You think oil just ran into the cylinder and it will burn out eventually?

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I would take the spark plug out and turn the engine over a few times and see if anything comes out and look at the end of the spark plug and see if it looks oily.
If it just has some oil in there from being turned up sideways, and don't have any water in it, then it should burn out after it runs for a while.
Well I am going to change oil anyways but I will let you know what happens. Thanks for your help and BTW, my avatar is the pic when it happened.
By looking at the picture in your avatar, it doesn't really look like it is at a steep enough angle for oil to get up into the cylinder. I would just go ahead and change the oil, though, to make sure no water is in it and then I would run it for a while and see if it burns the oil out. If it doesn't, then you must have another problem.
Yeah, I don't think that angle was steep enough for oil to get up into the cylinder, anyway. I would say you're right, oil rings or possibly bad valve stem seals.
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