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Bought a pretty rough atv (still cant find vin, possibly a trx250x based on body plastic) at an auction. Its missing parts to the decompression valve setup, and the cylinder is glazed over and is gona be taken to shop for inspection and honing. But im pretty sure the engine is a transplant from something else due to new upper mounting spots being welded on (poorly) higher then originals.

It only has a pull start, no electric start that I can tell. the model number on the engine is TB01E-2219237, which makes me think it could be a 1982 ATC185S from some research. But I want to make sure before I start buying anything for it.

Also is it possible to remove the vin without leaving an obvious removal mark? I feel that Ive looked all over for it..

This is my first atv project, but have worked on many cars and mowers. Im a registered mechanic working towards certification.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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