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Hey guys, I just bought a used 2007 400ex off of marketplace from a guy who had no idea what kind of aftermarket parts it had on it. So as I'm fixing it up, I come across surprises every now and than. Anyway, I was doing basic maintenance, and I seen that one side of the quad in the front has a grease zerk, and the other side doesn't. The side that didn't have a grease zerk has a number on the ball joint, RS3002 and A3814. If you google 400ex RS3002, you come across a site called Ricky Stator which has the same ball joint that's on the quad. In the description it states "Used for aftermarket a-arms only." The quad may have aftermarket a-arms on it, i have no idea. All i do know, is the a-arms are black, but if you get close to them, they have like a rainbow sparkle. So I'm thinking whatever a-arms that are on it, are powder coated. I want to get new ball joints with zerks for both sides (the side that has one is pretty rusty). I have no idea what im looking for though, because i have no idea if the a-arms are aftermarket or not. If they are aftermarket, i have no idea what brand they are.

Ricky Stator Site - Ricky Stator - Products

Thanks in advance,

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