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Need help! 1995 Fourtrax 300FW

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I have a rattle that I am unable to diagnose.

I have checked the valves. They seem approx to at spec. No pro.

I also put in a new timing chain (DIDS) and a tensioner arm. I followed the manual to a T. I did notice where the old chain was hitting when I had apart.

I though about tighting the tensioner using a small screwdriver but I am afraid of over tighting...

What else could it be? Could it really be the piston?

Any ideas appreciated.
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how long ago did you do the timing chain ? -------- there is no adjustment on a 300 chain adjuster , it is automatic --------- what are you calling a tensioner arm , I would guess you changed one of the two chain guides and your calling it a tensioner arm ------------ the rattle could be the wrist pin bore wallowed out and your hearing the piston ----- could be the timing chain again , I have seen them not last long , could be your slack adjuster is bad
It is automatic but you can manually tighten since in only goes out w/o a screwdriver. What are you calling a slack adjuster?

Really . / Slack Adjuster = the device on side the jug , which is held in by two bolts and has a plug on the end , which when removed gives access to the spring caging screw , you screw the screw all the way out , relieving pressure from the shaft , then stick it into the jug while holding that screw , after the bolts are tight , let go of the screw and the slack adjuster is adjuster
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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