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Need an '86 Fourtrax 250 wiring schematic

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Does anyone have a link to a shematic for a 1986 Four Trax 250? I'm trying to figure out some dead ended wires and a diagram would help.
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Thanks for the link. I found a lot of helpful stuff in there but no reference to the wires I'm looking for. Here's what I'm looking at. Mounted on the front crossbar between the front wheels is a device that has what looks like a speedometer cable attached to it. I followed that speedo cable back to the front of the drive shaft, so I think it is a drive cable. The device the cable is attached to has two wires coming out of it, one yallow and one green. These wires terminate in a plug that is attached to a bundle of wires that are not connected to anything at the other end. I found this bundle of wires tie wrapped to the frame under the plastic at the front of the quad. I'm guessing the wires were connected to an electric odometer maybe, but I find no reference to the 250 ever having something like that. Does anyone have any ideas?
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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