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need a little help

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hello i have what i beleve to be a late 80's early 90's 300trx i need to know what the part # is for the battery i need one but i got my 300 with out a battery in it thx BOBBY
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Should be the same I was just at wal-mart today and looked it up in their computer for the hell of it while I was waiting for a flat tire to be fixed. can't remember the number but it was 60-some dollars. and they had it in stock.
thats cheaper than what i paid..crap..never fails..i buy something..and later always sells for a cheaper price !!!! it came from wal-mart too !..lmao..they should come out with a thing from wal-mart.if the same item sells cheaper than what you paid for it..we will refund you the difference..lmfao.
If you buy one from the Honda dealer, it will run about $75. Here is the part # for a battery for a '98 300EX. (YTX9-BS)

By the way, '93 was the first year they made the 300EX. The battery for the '93, and probably all years, is the YTX9-BS.
Yeah, he didn't say 300EX, did he? I don't know where I came up with that. There's so many 300EX on here anymore I just assumed it was a 300EX.

Well, if it's a Fourtrax 300, then you're correct Red. The part # for the battery will be YTX14-BS and it will be about $80.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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