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Need a link to buy disc brake kit

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I'm having a hard time finding the super Atv disc brake conversion kit for the trx300fw. Can someone please post a link to it?

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why the heck are you using high lifters web site ????????????????, buy them off ebay, $ 299.95 shipped free, just wow fish...I think you've had too many cold ones down yunder ??!! and yessssssssss..I know this cost is correct !!!, I just bought them for this '99 trx450s project !!
Wow , I think SuperATV dropped the Fourtrax disc kit from their line up , as I went to the site and " it ain't dare no more " , Eric is the sales rep from SuperATV and they have a sponsor link on this site , or you could call them @ 1 855 743 3427 , if they do still have them , they will give you a discount if you mention this site

here is a link to a kit off e-bay
$199 off brand ???!70435!US!-1
I found them on the super Atv site under the foreman brake kit.

I'm scared of that off brand it's only $20 less and I'm not sure it's worth the risk.

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bro..just use high lifter brand, you can not go wrong with them !!!!.
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