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Need A arm advice quick

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Will a arms from a 04-05 450r fit a 87 250x ( bolt right up?) because boy do i I have a deal on some.
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Yes they will its a +2 or more dunno for sure? But your 300 shocks will be a lowering kit for the front. Like alot!
is that whats on your quad?
450r a arms will not bolt up.They have wider mounts.
Hey thanks for telling me dude I think im just gonna pass them up I want to get diffrent shocks first anyways. The only reason why I looked at them is because all the bushings in my A arms are shot so I have to replace them all. Hey can you answer one more question for me? The breather tube coming out of the head on my 250x can just be pulled out by hand is it supposed to be fixed into the head???? Thanks
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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