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Need A arm advice quick

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Will a arms from a 04-05 450r fit a 87 250x ( bolt right up?) because boy do i I have a deal on some.
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Yes they will its a +2 or more dunno for sure? But your 300 shocks will be a lowering kit for the front. Like alot!
Mines got 400ex and its a +2 i do know that for sure. But i got 400ex shocks and the diamondjcustoms conversion kit. You will need this. You can find them on ebay you also could get the KOQ racing one off ebay to. The customs one is stronger but heavier.
How they fit on my brother 400ex and i have the 400 ones that came stock on his. Unless a 250x has a difer between the 300?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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