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Mystery fuel leak 450 es

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I found a huge puddle on the cement floor under the quad in the garage.
I only had less than 1/4 tank of fuel and there is some left. I'm not exactly sure where it's coming from.
Maybe I'm taking too many short trips and shutting it down? Could it be the float is stuck and fuel came out of the overflow?
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Well, I found the search tool pretty helpful. Not sure how I missed the box at the top of the page earlier :geek:
Absolutely, the problem has been discussed many times so I think I can fix it buy cleaning the carb but haven't had the time to do it yet. My mission now is too clear out the fuel smell in the garage.
do check your oil, in case, it has fuel in it..
I will definitely do that. Thanks for the heads up.
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Opened it up today. No changes in the oil color and no bubbles. Not sure if the oil is tainted or not. Everything smells like gas.The air filter sleeve was kinda wet.
Can I just clean the air filter and sleeve pull the carb clean it and ride? Is there a carb rebuild kit?
Had a little time to search carburetor issues here before I tear into this quad and I'm glad I did.
Rather than get a rebuild kit for my oem 2004, (a 15 year old carb,) I want to buy a new oem carb, replace the fuel line from the tank and get an inline fuel filter.
How is Partzilla for parts? Are they true oem?
Found a company called McDonald carburetors. An option?
I'm open...
Can't find an oem for less. Amazon is $280. After market is from $35. to $150. but,...
So, is this a crazy idea? Would rebuilding the current carb be as good as a new one?
Yes thanks. i saw those kits. I'm sure kits very in quality. I've been looking into rebuilding the carb and after some thought, that is probably the way I'm going to go.
It's always time vs money. Argh.
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