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My soon to be snorkel!!

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After speaking with Enfuego about the snorkel setup on saturday I started accuiring parts. I located my 2" flexible exhaust tubing, good to 1,000 deg !!, yesterday at a price of $0!! I also was able to conjur up my Snorkel tube, which is Stainless!! And my vent lines, which were previous LP gas lines!! All at a cost of $0!!!! Now all I need is a tube of silicone and some white grease.. hopefully I can pick them up today and be ready to roll...

With a bit of polishing this thing should shine like a new penny!!


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Wow that will look awesome! Not sure i've ever seen one out of stainless.. usually PVC
Looks cool man.
Photos! I still have to apply the dielectric grease to everything and get some exhaust tape to pull everything togather nice and neat.


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Looking good!!
yea that looks pretty good man. nice job.
Looks really good. Great job!
Thanks for the support
Nice job ... looks great !
Ive changed it by now. It was a bit rigid and ripped my flex hose going into the airbox. I do miss that stainless piece. It was great for taking care of those early morning spider webs and low hanging tree branches!!
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