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my exaust fell off!

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My exaust fell off over the weekend, me and my family went riding down to the coal mine and theres a semi sized dirt hill clime, well i started heading up it and when im about 10ft up the hill(halfway) i hear my exaust get really loud and all th sudden my quad has like no power, well i though the head blew off so i hurried up and pulled the clutch a went back down and turned it off. well i look at the head, its on. so i look at the hill and theres the back half of my exaust layin there. Well luckly it was like metal scap heaven in the woods off to the side, so i found some thick wire, wraped the wire around the frame and exaust and off to home i went. luckly if fel lof where it did and not in the mud
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Glad to hear you got it together!
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