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Mx setup

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Hello everyone. I’ve been racing my stock 08 450r with HMF bolt on. Been doing really well and looking to make about a 3-4K investment to really charge the ride. What should I do? I have little knowledge of what is best. I’m planning on new suspension and a arms and handlebars but I have no clue what to get.
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Handlebars I’ve always used Pro Taper for MX and Renthal for trials and road applications, both suitable and made for all applications.
As slammed said, making it wider with better suspension will make the biggest difference. I feel like the right setup in those areas is more important than having a hot motor.

I agree with the above, with suspension set up correctly you’ll gain overall speed, I’m not a sports ATV guy but brakes haven’t been mentioned yet, not sure how the stock items hold up when going quicker?
If I plan on any motor work/transplant in cars/trucks the brakes are the first thing I improve, just a thought.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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