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Mx setup

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Hello everyone. I’ve been racing my stock 08 450r with HMF bolt on. Been doing really well and looking to make about a 3-4K investment to really charge the ride. What should I do? I have little knowledge of what is best. I’m planning on new suspension and a arms and handlebars but I have no clue what to get.
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I would start with a rpm dominator 2 axle. And either houser or jb +2 or +3 a-arms. Get a good set of nerf bars. I really like my houser pro bounce nerf bars. Then start looking for suspension. In order from best to worst. (PEP, Custom Axis, Fox, Elka, Works) do a nice remote resi or piggy back setup for the front. And get the same brand rear shock. IShock can hook you up with this. I would also get a mx long travel link aswell. From there with whats left i would get some fasst flexx bars. From there if there is anything left in the budget which there most likely wont be i would get dwt champion in a box rims and front and rear tires. For hard pack/loam riding surface i race on the maxxis razr mx rear and maxxis razr cross front hook up real well. I run 18s in rear and 20s in front for mx style racing.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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