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Multiple accessory install question

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Hi all, looking to install heated grips on our TRX420FA6. Had the dealer install the winch before picking it up and after some cool riding last year wanted to add the Honda heated grips. I've followed the install instructions so far without an issue but not sure where to connect the heated grips sub-harness to the accessory sub-harness that is already installed for the winch. Description says you can install winch and or heated grips with the accessory sub harness but at a loss on how to connect. Are you supposed to splice in the heated grips somehow?

Thanks in advance.

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I don’t know for sure how yours are designed but the typical high amp accessory requires a low amp control circuit and a high amp load circuit, with a single pole single throw 40 amp relay for each accessory.
The control circuit taps accessory power using a two-wire sub harness that splices into the ignition circuit. This ensures your accessories aren’t powered when ignition is switched off. When ignition switched on, the circuit is energized–you turn on your accessory (a winch or grips) which closes the circuit energizing the relay. The relay uses just a few amps to operate which allows you to control both the winch and grips on the same accessory power supply circuit.
The relay then closes the load circuit, wired directly to the battery, powering your winch or grips. Each accessory is likely to have its own load circuit.
Your system would then be limited by the electrical system to keep up with the current draw.
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