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Mounting extras

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Hello fellow atv brothers...

Ayone have a mounted compass? what about cellphone/GPS, what brand did you go with. So many on fleabay that not sure what will work with my iPhone, and mine has a case i'm sure that makes a difference also. post up some pics if you have any of these things so I can get ideas which way to go? What about a Rifle with scope boot? I'm thinking about that also, right now I have a plano case mounted on the front rack but I'm thinking the bumps might throw off the rifle scope?

thanks for any info
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thanks for the replies, I will test out riding with the rifle on my back, do you have any issues with dust? I live in the middle of the desert and dust is everywhere . Compass I also carry one in my pocket but thought I could use one where I can see it while I ride in to make mental notes.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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