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Just for anyone wondering what the WARN Plow mounted on a Foreman 4X4 looks like? I took a couple of pictures at different angles so you can see both sides.

I still don't have the Power Pivot, so that wasn't mounted. There is a stock blade swing adjustment (it has a red handle in the pictures) that still allows you to manually move the plow for the angle you want.

If interested in this system? You need to order three different parts. The first is what type of blade do you want? Second is the Push Tube for your ATV (Your year, Center or A-Arm mount, Make, and Manufacturer specific). Third is the mounting bracket for the Push Tube (again, Center or A-Arm mount, and Manufacturer specific).

From what I saw at the Honda Dealer and the type they were selling for $499.99, this Warn Plow is far above in quality and cost (my own opinion). For a little less money you can buy this whole thing as shown.
I have a warn plow setup but not sure if it’s new enough to put a county plow in what’s the distance measured where the push tubes mount to blade
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