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more recon problems

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so I rebuilt the carb, and like you guys said, very simple, however, she still cuts out when stood up. it shuts off then won't start back up for about a minute. I have the fuel idle and everything set perfect, I can't figure it out. When it stands up fuel pours out of the vent line does this mean I am flooding out? if so what causes this? I took the tank off and cleaned the filter also, so I am lost. thanks
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still sounds like a stuck float to me.
why don't they include one in the rebuild kit???
why don't they include a float in the rebuild kit ??.they don't..never have..probally never will..what they do include..float needle..main jet..slow jet..fuel/air mixture screw..washer..spring..o-ring..and on some..they include the idle screw spring and for the float itself..nah..thats a whole different piece for carbs.
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