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More questions.

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2002 rancher 350 fuel system overhaul Okay so I have a plan of attack for the petcock bolts and replacing the fuel system. Now as far as the carb other than the obvious rubber and plastic are there any internal pieces I should be worried about before I plop it in a chem dip for a day or two? Also after the gas that got leaked into the case, ive drained the oil over several days, and I plan to do several oil changes with a few hours of run time in between. Other than checking the plug for fouling anything I should be immediately concerned about? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm trying to not screw this up or keep costing my self money over this deal, as im afraid my wife might leave me soon lol.
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the pilot/air fuel mixture jet needle has a tiny o-ring down inside there, as well as a tiny washer, make sure you remove them. the only dumb question around here ...IS THE ONE YOU DON'T ASK !..LOL.
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