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More fun at the ATV park. ?

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Well finally got back to Attic yesterday to try my blue 300 out with all the updates on it

We've had a Lot of rain the past week so lot of deep water
Ended up Drowning my poor Windows phone and pretty sure it killed it

The little stock 300 with the big heavy 25" Kenda Executioner's did really well over all
Did get stuck twice but that was in super deep soupy mud!
While the tires did there job it turned out the first hole I jumped into was nothing but silty mud!
In short I bottomed out and when I jumped off sank to my knees in that soup! ?

The other time getting stuck was the same soupy crap mud except it had waist deep water over it
It's a pond we usually go to just to rinse things off with a good Sandy bottom till ya head across it. Seems the far side is that soup again
Oh Well, I was able to keep the engine running without dying till I got pulled out so at the end of the day the only fatality was my poor phone. ?
Overall not a bad day. ?
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