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more clearence

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I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to my 300 4trax to help gain more ground clearence besides larger wheels and tires? Ive been reading a lot of the threads but havent found one about this yet. Another ? I have is what is going to be the largest wheel I can put on my new to me toy. I have a Quadrunner that has 26" tires and 10" wheels on the rear but thats what it came with when I bought it. As they sit right now my Suzuki has a quite a bit of a clearence advantage over my new Honda. I plan on keeping the 1" differnce in front to rear tire size, but does that also have to be in wheel size or can I run the same size wheel but different size tires? Thank you in advance for any help/advise I receive.
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Not a lot you can do for ground clearance other than bigger tires. Like Red said, it doesn't matter about the wheel size as long as the tires are the correct size. You could put a lift kit on it in order to run bigger tires.
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