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I have a moose plow that came with the honda Forman I bought, it does not have the bottom mount for the quad. I looked at the Moose web site but it does not show the mount for it, can anyone point me in the right direction to get one. Here are a couple of pics of the plow mounts


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I have a tube assembly just like that missing some parts and danged if I know how to use or fix it. It's in the front of my warehouse cuz I'm that close to scrapping it.

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well looking at the pictures, I DON"T think that is a MOOSE PLOW set of TUBES, every single moose tube system I have ever seen was made of SQUARE tubing
the BLADE might be a MOOSE blade, but the tube mounts look like maybe someone made them or modified them from some other brand plow!
SO< even IF you get a moose mid mount , it might NOT work with that set up
the moose mid mounts are a simple pin design?

MY guess is, the person that MAYBE had the ATV before you, had a different ATV before he got this one, and his OLD one had a plow on it, and he used the mount from that to this, to MAKE the set up work?

from there, something went wrong and he removed it??
ALL guessing here on my part
BUT< can you post more pic's of the plow tube from blade back??

as for wanting a moose mid mount , just contact Moose, they can give you a part number and from there you can look on like E bay or?? and find one?
they also sell a universal mount plate, you can most likely use and make work if wanted?, just might have to drill a few holes in it where needed?? not hard, but correct exact mount IMO is always nicer to have LOL

But pretty sure your tube's from blade back are NOT Moose made, so, that questions if a moose mount is the one you really need any how?

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I will not say for 100% as I don't know of every design MOOSE maybe made, but I have never seen a moose set up like that with them round tubes and the connections for where it goes to the mid mount on bottom of the ATV
every on I ever seen were either, square tubing, that fit between two tabs that a quick pin went thru(old style) to NEW style, where they just added a FLAT piece of metal to the push tubed(again square tubes) that fit between two Narrower tabs
they changed from old to NEW style, to have less metal hanging down under ATV
ALSO< there push tubes normally were STRAIGHT back from the plow, NOT tapered, narrower at plow wider at rear where it would mount on mid mount under ATV.
SO< IMO< some one MADE them push tubes , did a nice job, I think, but I still say these are NOT normal MOOSE made, and the mounting tabs are NOT going to work with a MOOSE mid mount for you AS IS

your have like J hook ends or??

where again, the moose mounts are just TABS that hang down, that the plows push tubes, have FLAT tabs sticking up, 3/16 inch thick I think?? with a single hole in, that slide up in between the two tabs on the mid mount and then a PIN is put thru the holes to hold in place and thats ALL there is to it??

NOT like the ends of your push tubes

NOW< some where in MOOSE's plow making maybe they did like your's, but I doubt it if they will carry it for your 2016 ATV, as all new one's are different designs now IMO

Have a look on there web site, and see
BEST advice here is MAYBE, email MOOSE and show them your set up and ask if its THERE"S or not

and then MAYBE ask who ever you got plow from, who's mid mount they had in use before??

here are pictures of there NEW style, they have a regular NOW< that is some what tapered like your's?? and a HD that is straight,

the OLD style, I have, is JUST share tubing, NO tabs on top of it, but they sell an adapter to use OLD style on NEW mid mounts
but NONE are like your's??

here are pic's of the moose set up's, first two are there push tubes, (OLD style again was JUST straight back square tubing) and then there conversion from OLD square tubing to new mounting style, and then a MID mount, as you can see, NONE look like your, and they been this way since the late 90's??

even the handle on your plows angle adjustment is NOT MOOSE design, the plow is, and the plow frame (that it spins on to change angle) looks right, but everything else is NOT MOOSE OEM design set up, its from another ATV plow company I think?? OR HOME made fab'd up?/
NOT hard to make work, but NOT original, that a NEW mount will just bolt on and work for you from MOOSE


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