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Alright guys I've had my 96 300ex for a while now and done a ton of upgrades to it spectrum air filter no lid , 330 big bore kit, kibble white racing valves, stage 1 hotcam, DG exhaust and it's got a keihin carb on it and I've been recently working on tuning it to my most recent mod (hotcam) well I thought I finally got it tune right and there was no boging or hesitation at all went for a pretty hard ride on it with a friend it ran great until the end of the ride it's started missing/ bogging mid to 3/4 throttle out of nowhere and now blows black smoke like it's rich it idles great 1/4 throttle is fine and so is full when it starts missing I give it full throttle and it kicks in runs great btw I'm already running a 42 pilot and 130 main any ideas to what it could be would be appreciated I'm very mechanically inclined done all the work to this quad myself
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