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misses in a long hard pull

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Hello all. Have a 2014 Rancher that I bought in 2016. Had 2 miles on it. Now has 196 miles. had it serviced at 100 miles. Has always ran fine up to last weekend. going up a pretty long hill in 5th gear and near the top it shut down then spit and sputtered then back fired. I stopped and it idled perfect. headed back home , about 3 miles, and it would do good until I got in a hard pull in 4th or 5th gear. Any help is appreciated.
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I suspect that it has sat for long periods with rotting fuel in it. We see this issue a lot here... the 420s have wimpy fuel pumps that overheat and fail while pumping rotting fuel through the filter/system. If this is the case, then the entire fuel system will need to be flushed & cleaned out. The fuel filter will need to be replaced and if the pump is failing (fuel pressure should measure between 48-53 lbs) that will need replacement as well. The injector will need a cleaning too. Its a big job that requires the person to be thorough. Half-hearted efforts are rarely good enough. To prevent this from happening do not allow fuel over 30 days old to remain in the tank. And don't ever put any ethanol-laced fuel in it.

You can find a copy of the service manual for your Rancher linked in the manuals thread HERE.
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