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ok so heres the story, my mom gave my stepdayd her polaris rzr to sell for this harley we just bought

Uploaded with and now my mom wants a crotch rocket. And she made a deal to give me the 2001 440 to sell my 2007 300ex for a bike. Now the 300 i just got used to and can throw around well, but im 5'11' 3/4 and 157lbs, my stepdad is like 6'3'' and almost 400lbs i think maybe a little less, ad when he got on it itd lift right up, im not even half him, idk if im ready for a 440, i know the expression "theres power but you dont have to use it all" but if u acidently get on it(it happens) the 300 i could handle it, but idk about the 440, what do you guys think? it has wide axel, lighened front end, big bore kit, dyno jet kit, and a yoshi pipe.
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