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MICHIGAN need riding friend/buddy over 50

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Michigan trail buddy needed, to join me for St Helen trip this spring/summer, camping, trail riding! Over 50 to have more things in common. 2 or more days would be great! Let me know and lets go! Thanks, Steve
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steve, I admire your concern for wanting members to join on your rides !, but..maybe you might consider dropping the age limit ?, the reason I say this is, there is not a lot of old timers like me, you, retro, and a couple more of us. what I am saying is, maybe you would have better luck getting members to join you on your planed rides if you lower the age limit ?, just a thought :). personally, if you were closer..i'd join ya in a heart beat !, but your just too far for me to make that
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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