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MICHIGAN need riding friend/buddy over 50

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Michigan trail buddy needed, to join me for St Helen trip this spring/summer, camping, trail riding! Over 50 to have more things in common. 2 or more days would be great! Let me know and lets go! Thanks, Steve
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Michigan St Helen Mio areas, and everywhere in between!
Need a friends/buddy to camp/ride with this up coming season.

About myself: I'm semi retired, so I have plenty of time now to try and get away trail riding/camping, especially for up north trips, whenever possible. Happily married for 40 yrs, w/ 4 kids, and their all fortunately on there own! I live in Taylor and is close to Metro airport or SE MI.

Where I ride/camp: During the warmer months we've been going to St Helen for the past 4 years, and before that Ambrose lk. since 86. I stay at St Helen campground, for 2 days or more. I've been camping, trail riding up north with my kids and friends up until this year, where now there no longer able to go. We went for many times a year, 29 days in all, last season, from West Branch to Mio and all points in between.

Our atv's: Started riding camping after buying our first atv trx200sx, then over the years we've bought many others, upgrading each time to bigger atv's that better suited our needs, and riding styles. My son and I just bought, last year in Feb. the same exact model Honda trx450r, He had to sell/give away it as a roller after it blew a rod, leaving me to ride alone! I still have mine TRX450r in like new condition, considering the age 2004, well taken care of, and little use! I also have KQ750 just bought new few months ago, and only has 170 miles, of the break in period after last trip up north. Very anxious to get it back up north again!

The reason I like the town up there of St Helen: Besides all the endless trails, Is their ATV dealership, diner, drugstore, new modern Shell gas station, clean motel called Trails Inn, where we stay the night at on colder days, well stocked hardware, best pizza place on the planet, at the firehouse restaurant! All this on the corner of the campground and trail head. We can ride in town on the atv's when needed, and all the many towns up there now!

Also like to camp and cook meals on open fire, but only if others agree/enjoy camping this way. Just bought a large 8 man tent that's used for summer trips, that is very roomy and much easier to get up and out of, compared to our old 3 man tent. We've been talking about getting a camper trailer, and leaving it on the campsite (until the son sold his atv and won't be going back again for a year or two while saving up for a house) which rents for only $400 a year, at St Helen Campground, since the days and nights can get mighty cold up there in a tent lol, where we need some kind of heating source when sleeping inside tent.

I have a van and trailer for hauling the quads.

The only legal riding around here closest to me is at Bundy Hill ATV/ORV/camp/club during the winter months, which is only an hours drive, where I ride just for the day, then return home, couple times a year on average. Been going there for 4 years now. Pretty dangerous place though. My buddy broke his hip in 6 placed there, and is the reason he's not riding anymore. We just try to be as careful as possible when there, but still there's been many close mishaps over the years!

Friends I've met over the years: I've met 4 other friends, buddies, using forums like this, that I still stay in contact with, but for different reasons, their not able to make a trip this season.
If there's something you would like more information of, let me know, and hope we might have some of the same things in common, and possibly get a chance to do many trips up north together!
If you don't mind giving me something about yourself, and what you like about trail riding, where you ride, where you camp, etc. to help to get to know one another better. Thanks, Steve
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Getting ready for new season ahead! Get in touch soon.
Thanks Steve
If you might know of anyone that would possibly be interested in riding with another trail friend/buddy, or someone riding alone that might prefer to ride with another trail rider, give them my offer to join up, not safe riding alone, I'll be lining up trips soon, to be ready when weather warms up.
Thanks, Steve
Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, lets plan a trip soon


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Thanks for your concern, but I've ridden with my kids and now grand kids along with their buddies since 86 and I would really enjoy a trip to have more in common, more my age, riding style, over 50 buddy. Don't you give up I've found 5 other good friends, using forums like this, but for different reasons are unable to do a trip this season.
Thanks and good luck yourself for a great riding season!
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